We aim to make learning fun and encourage children to make new friends through sport. During all our intervention we deliver range of fun exciting games to build confidence, social skills and improve fitness.

Before and after school clubs

Our before and after school clubs are ideal for parents who have to be at work early or finish work after school hours. We offer varied activities or sport specific coaching depending on your requirements. We can also come in to create sports teams and coach them, such as football, cricket and basketball. As well as coaching them we will arrange matches or competitions against other schools.

Healthy breakfast club

The healthy breakfast clubs that we run consist of two parts. The first part is 30 minutes of sports hall based fun activities. This is then followed with 30 minutes of sit down health related activities such as word searches, hangman. While this is going on we provide a healthy breakfast for the children with things on offer such as fruit, yoghurt and cereal bars alongside water. This ensures that they have a healthy active start to the school day, they are doing the required 30 minutes of activity, and that anyone who attends gets the most important meal of the day.

Lunchtime clubs

Lunchtime clubs are a great way to keep children active and also entertained during lunchtimes. It’s a great way of getting children to hit the target of at least 30 minutes of activity each day, even more so if they don’t happen to have a p.e lesson on that day. Our lunchtime clubs offer a wide range of activities as well as mini tournaments/competitions to give the children incentives to join and attend the lunchtime activities.

P.E. Lessons

All of our P.E. lessons will be pre planned by the coaches and will focus on a specific topic, normally one of the ABC skills. Our coaches will not only be able to provide your school with a copy of the session plan but will also be able to give feedback to you as a school and the children in the lesson. Space for delivering P.E. lesson is not an issue as we can adapt to any environment. Our promise to schools is that our P.E. lessons will offer a wide variety of games and activities we are not just going to be football, football and a bit more football. We have a wide range of specialised coaches available such as gymnastics, dance, swimming, basketball plus many more. You have the choice of whether you will require one or two members of staff to deliver your P.E. lessons depending on your requirements. All of our staff that delivers P.E. lessons will be fully experienced in delivering P.E. lessons in schools.