Nursery – Reception

In all sessions, Attend Sport use unique equipment and activities are delivered by staff, specially trained to get the best out of the child. Activities are structured according to the different ages and stages of a child’s development. All sports offered will help improve balance and co-ordination in addition to enhancing social skills, communication and sharing.

We offer weekly sessions of 45- 60 mins which combine fun, excitement and challenge, in a safe and caring environment.

All Sessions support your curriculum, using shapes, patterns , physical social and emotional  development,

Let’s Toddlers enjoy:

Little Tots
Basic football skills such as shooting, dribbling, passing and stopping.

Tumble Gym- Gymnastics
Bouncing, spinning, rolling and jumping. While learning shapes, patterns and numbers

Tag Tots Rugby
All the fun of Rugby in a non-contact way 

Dance and Movements
Having fun with music 

A mixture of games and activities to suit the toddlers needs 

Cost £35 one member of staff Per hour